About us

In the 1990s, a handful of Malaysians returned to home country upon completing their certification as qualified music therapists. We embrace the diverse training backgrounds as well as application of a wide range of music therapy methods. We believe that this is an added advantage to our effort in pioneering music therapy in our beloved country.

The Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) is the official resource and main body governing all matters relating to music therapy in Malaysia. This includes fostering awareness of music therapy, raising the profile of music therapy, interpreting and advocating for services of the profession to other professional disciplines, and serving as a regulatory body for music therapists in Malaysia including their rights, qualification, certification and professional development.


The objectives of the MMTA are to periodically update, maintain professional standards, and advance the use of music and music therapy in all its related settings in Malaysia by:

  • establishing, implementing, and improving standards of practice and ethical conduct for music therapists;
  • establishing, reviewing, and improving standards for the education and training of music therapists;
  • defining, enforcing, and regulating the accreditation for music therapists;
  • training, developing, and promoting research in music therapy;
  • collaborating with other allied health professions and related professionals both locally and internationally;
  • representing the field of music therapy in Malaysia at national, regional, and international levels;
  • advocating for the discipline of music therapy to be established as an allied health discipline within the allied health division of the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.
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