What is music therapy?

Music therapy is the professional use of music and its elements as an intervention in medical, psychiatric, educational, and everyday environments with individuals, groups, families, or communities who seek to optimize their quality of life and improve their physical, mental, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Research, practice, education, and clinical training in music therapy are based on professional standards according to cultural, social, and political contexts.

Are there any institutions offering music therapy program in Malaysia for those who want to become a music therapist?

At the moment, there’s none in Malaysia and the MMTA team is hard at work in ensuring that this opportunity is available for Malaysians in the near future!

There are currently no accredited music therapy programs in Malaysia. However, the MMTA team is hard at work to ensure that training opportunities will be made available in Malaysia, in the foreseeable future.

Are there any specific professional associations for music therapists?

Yes! The Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) is the official resource and main body governing all matters relating to music therapy in Malaysia. Do check out the website for more information: www.mmta.org.my

The Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) is the official governing body for all matters related to the practice and regulation of music therapy in Malaysia.

Am I able to get a job in Malaysia? If yes, where can I work?

Yes. There are job opportunities in many places. You can work privately or with organizations in special education, hospital setting or mental health etc. Do get in touch with MMTA at malaysiammta@gmail.com and the team will do their best to assist you.

The field of music therapy is expanding in Malaysia. A qualified music therapist can look forward to establishing services and developing their music therapy career in a variety of settings – in private practice, in special education, in the community, in hospitals, and in rehab facilities. Do get in touch with the MMTA at malaysiammta@gmail.com and the team will assist you further.