The Committee

The committee members of the Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) consists of clinicians with diverse background and working experiences.

Sherrene Teh
Actively conducts workshops and seminars to share the use of music for the health and wellbeing of special needs people
Gurpreet Kalsi
Her special interests are mental health and disability within the community
Kuek Ser Sheen Tse
Works with multiple populations – from home visits for special needs, mental health, neurological rehabilitation to palliative care in Hospital KL. Diversity and person-centered work drives her.
Lim Kar Gee
Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury patients; Adults with psychological or emotional challenges
Low Ming Yuan
Committee Member
Worked at the world renowned Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University as a clinician, research assistant, and technology assistant
Tammy Lim
Committee Member
Specialises in hospice and palliative care, as well as adult and children bereavement
Muhamad Redza
Committee Member
Classically trained trumpeter, pianist and singer.
Cheryl Mow
Committee Member
Currently works with children/teenagers with special needs, supervises university students and conducts seminars/workshops for various organizations