The Committee

The committee members of the Malaysian Music Therapy Association (MMTA) consists of clinicians with diverse background and working experiences.

Moh Heng Wei
Vice President

As a local Malaysian music therapist and music educator, my sole passion is for people, the achievement they can attain through different goals and methods, resulting in betterment of their lifestyle and the people around them. To add to that, I’m blessed to have graduated from Berklee college of Music, in Boston USA, with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in music therapy. Besides the formal education, I have also completed different certification programs that has given me the MT-BC title to be a Board Certified Music Therapist, NICU-MT as a NICU Music Therapist specialising with premature infants & newborns, and completing Neurologic Music Therapy training as well. With my music therapy experiences, I am able to provide improvements by targeting different areas of lifestyle, goals achievement and skill development. Whereas with multiple teaching experiences in music academies and day care centres, it has armed me with skills to educate my clients/students with goal-orientated methods. The population I serve range from children to adults, with or without different needs and abilities. I believe that the therapist and educator in me was not created by accident, but instead by a culmination of education, skills, experiences and influential people over the years. This has fueled my passion and willingness to help people to achieve more in their life and the life of people around them.